Stretches for back and neck de-compression

Stretches for back and neck de-compression


Note: try to stretch out your joints right before bed. The idea is that when you're lying down all night, the fluids have a chance to move back into your joints, but only if there's room for them.

  1. Hold onto the doorknob with one hand on the inside and one hand on the outside (be sure you're wearing grippy shoes) and stick your butt out to "hang" off the doorknob. You should feel this lengthening your back. (You can also do one hand at a time to stretch your shoulder joint.) You can also do this by hanging off the edge of the kitchen sink.
  2. While lying down, reach your fingertips up above your head as far as you can, and stretch the toes of the same side away from you as far as you can. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Lay down with a foam roller across your lower back and your knees up (your feet planted on the floor). Take baby steps to slowly roll it up to the top of your shoulders while bringing your arms from your center, out to your sides. Roll back down your back, pulling your arms back in.
  4. Try mixing this 17 minute session from
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