Women's Health & Wellness

Women's Health & Wellness


This is a fraught topic:

• I think it helps to understand that our society has not managed to separate a woman's value from her value as a potential mate/conquest. And as a potential mate/conquest, America has determined that it's desirable for a woman to be 21 years old(!) (and hairless for a reason I struggle to understand—I get that beards and perhaps chest hair are a characteristic that tends to separate males from females in our species, but women have leg hair and pubic hair and underarm hair—that's just what a woman's body looks like!) (and of course, it's best if no one ever knows that she menstruates or has any smells, etc. etc.)

• It breaks my heart that there's no chance a woman will meet society's standards (which are then her own) for more than a fleeting moment, and unless she works very hard on modifying her appearance (and/or self-worth) and is very lucky, she will spend most of her life feeling needless shame and dysphoria and disgust at her own body 😔 See also

• But as long as we're in this world, not only will I fight for things to get better, I will also try to help women feel better about themselves, even if it means going along with the trap that we're all in. (Definitely open to arguments or advice if there's a better way to approach the problem!)

Further note on the pros and cons of our cultural confusion

For Female Appearances:



Facial sunscreen (to prevent skin aging & cancer)
Skin cancer prevention cream
Face cleaning/exfoliating
Best SPF chapstick
Best hand lotion


Body hair removal
Head hair wrangling

For Female Plumbing:

Menstrual Cup
Advice: when choosing a place to live or work, try to have the bathroom sink within reach of the toilet
Pee "funnel" (more like a "redirector")
BV (notice an odd smell?)
UTI prevention
Antibiotics —> yeast infections
Cycle tracking/Reproductive health
Sexual health


Low-impact sports bras instead of regular bras
Insoles: if your shoes are uncomfortable (especially in a way that seems to favor style over comfort, e.g. high heels or flat soles), try these
Minimalist fanny pack for your phone + chapstick + mask + headphones.
If you're a medium or smaller in adult sizes, you should seriously consider shopping in the boys and girls section
If you're long & lean, a couple suggestions: