Luci solar light

Luci solar light

My best friend gave me my first rainbow one, and I've mostly used it for fun + ambience, but I do know people who are more utilitarian about them — and they come in different versions accordingly: i.e. bright white + long battery life in addition to the fun rainbow ones. I keep one in the

, and I like hanging it in my tent on the golden setting as I’m getting ready for bed. I’ve also started bringing it with me to hotels and airbnbs and even my parents’ house as an alternative to draping a shirt over the bedside lamp. And as a bonus, you can easily carry it with you if you need to go get a snack in their dark house without looking like a burglar with a flashlight. Backpackers clip them to their pack to charge during the day and then use them at night. When car camping, I just set it on the dash, but a charge lasts a long time with the way I use it.

It's also kind of a cool beacon: One time I was pulling into a canyon after dark, intending to meet my friend and her husband at whatever first-come, first-served campsite they'd been able to snag; without cell-reception, we weren't optimistic about finding them, but as we pulled in on the gravel road, I almost immediately spotted her purple Luci and knew we were home.

It worked for us again when we went to burning man 2021: it was an unofficial gathering with no infrastructure and thus no city streets. Our trusty luci light helped us back to our car half a dozen times as we searched for it in the dark.