Bluetooth(?) wall switches

Bluetooth(?) wall switches

Whether you go for programmable lighting or not, you can take advantage of bluetooth wall switches. Let's say you install a fancy hanging bare-bulb above your dining table, but it doesn't have a switch in an accessible place on the cord? Plug it into a bluetooth connected outlet and you can use a switch to control it (and you can keep the switch on your desk or stick it to the wall to pretend that it's a normal switch).

(I linked to the Hue switch because I think once you start investing in add-ons, it will likely make sense to adopt their system, and because Hue lights without a switch can be a bit of a pain. Also, the switch itself can be pulled out of the housing that you mount, so that it becomes a remote control that lets you e.g. turn the lights off once you’re already tucked into bed.)

(This is also a great solution for things like Christmas tree lights which would otherwise require plugging in and unplugging all the time—I usually either put them on a

or use a switch or even a wemo that gives you a button at the outlet or lets you control or automate it from your phone.)