Shopping List of Things I Recommend by Vendor

(I always want this on review websites so that I can hit the shipping minimum and not miss something I need to go back for)

These toggle items are gathered from individual pages elsewhere on my website. Below that, I’ve manually listed my actual shopping lists for various places.

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The Container Store


Cost Plus World Market


Trader Joes

Other things on my Amazon shopping list

Other stuff:

Nice (overpriced) wooden spoon (I use it to stir things in my nonstick skillets)

Plastic clear lazy-Susan (I use one for spices & one for condiments to bring to the table)

Soft warm high/low automatic nightlight (that unfortunately blocks the entire outlet)

Silicone turner (the handle can melt, so I rest it on the handle of the frying pan)

The everyday things on my Target shopping list

Best All-Purpose cleaning spray (I otherwise use PineSol)

Dawn soap (for diluting and filling the foaming ones)

Clear liquid softsoap for refilling my foaming ones

Men’s Dove soap (that smells nice)

Q-tips (you shouldn’t go off-brand)

Listerine floss (thicker/more effective than Glide, but still doesn’t shred) Update: I am now obsessed with the much thicker Cocofloss (expensive but epic)

Snack size ziplocks (this is a great size, but the freezer ones are generally better for the multiple uses I tend to need, so I go straight from this size up to the quart size)

GF clif bars that are pretty much candy bars, but delicious! (and have fewer grains)

Oreo Thins (mint) (I don’t get them now that I’m not doing gluten and trying not to do sugar, but omg, they’re delish!)

Better than Bouillon chicken broth base w/o onions or garlic (low Fodmap)

Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gf flour (hefty 44oz resealable size)

Whole Foods (via Amazon Prime)

Alexandre A2 whole milk & ultrafiltered low fat milk & chocolate milk & yogurt (also available via Azure which has more variety)

Clusters of beets for pickling (I think golden aren’t as good but they’re way less stressful because they won’t turn everything they touch hot pink)

Boulder Canyon avocado oil potato chips (handful of types—we currently like the thin ones)

Fody ketchup (onion and garlic free: low fodmap — also available via Thrive which usually has better pricing)

Red Boat fish sauce (smaller quantities are sometimes available at Walmart)

Roti beef bone broth (onion and garlic free: low fodmap)

My actual TJ’s shopping list

(I keep it in my notes app and use it every time I go to make sure I’m not missing anything important — it’s arranged by the pattern that I walk through the store)

Parmesan cheese (shaved)
Cheddar chunks (sharp white)
Shredded cheese
Other fun cheese?
Dried clementines
Unsweetened dried mango
Pecans and/or walnuts and/or almonds
Omega trail mix
Decaf French roast (whole beans)
Well-rested tea
Applewood smoked bacon
Organic ground beef
Grass fed hot dogs
Organic ground pork
Other organic/pasture raised unseasoned meat?
Organic chicken legs and/or thighs?
Frozen boxed jasmine rice
Frozen bell peppers “Melange a Trois” (maybe also fresh peppers? Red is best for fodmaps)
Frozen spinach (for smoothies)
Frozen blueberries & strawberries (for smoothies)
Frozen mashed potato chunks
Frozen mashed cauliflower chunks (good as a soup or cracker dip with shredded cheese)
Frozen hash browns?
Frozen tater tots?
Frozen gf waffles?
GF frozen mac & cheese
Frozen zucchini spirals
Frozen quinoa & squash
Frozen tamales (green chili & cheese is the best flavor)
Frozen bulgogi beef fried rice with kimchi
Frozen turkey burgers?
Frozen fish burgers?
Dark chocolate almond butter cups (they go bad quickly, so buy on-demand)
Belgian 73% dark chocolate covered almonds
Gluten free cookies?
Gluten free tortillas (quinoa)
Gluten free multigrain bread (so fun to have reasonably good toast and lasts basically forever in the fridge)
Bagged jasmine rice
Asian hot sauce
Nori sprinkles
Packets of snack olives (green)
Garlic olive oil
Avocado oil
Applesauce (snack size or big jar)
Almond butter (salted, good with apples and in smoothies) (Costco has a good price in a larger size)
Maple syrup?
Tangerine juice
Organic whole milk
European organic yogurt (red container)
Kerrygold butter (salted)
Free range eggs
Box of chardonnay or Pinot Grigio
Box of cabernet or Pinot noir
Fizzy peach wine? (small can 4-pk)
Chocolate to try from the checkout?


Ginger cranberry festive canned fizzy drink
Egg nog liqueur
Spiced apple cider
Boxed soups?
Thrive Market

I use Thrive for more dietary specialty items, but their prices are unbeatable. This referral link will give you 40% off your first purchase:

Pamela’s gf pancake mix

Fody medium salsa (garlic and onion free!)

Grass-fed beef gelatin

Jovial rice pastas (tons of types)

Rice ramen (also at WF/Amazon)

Fody ketchup (also at WF/Amazon)

Navitas energy cubes (also at WF/Amazon)


The best instant whipped cream: Lucerne whipped heavy cream

The best string cheese: Lucerne low-moisture mozzarella

The best shelf-stable bone broth w/o onions or garlic: Imagine

Morton lite salt (also at Walmart)


They let you make a list on-site, so I did that for a friend who just moved into his own apartment


Bacon crumbles (for faster fried rice with


Aussie bites

Cashew clusters

Almond butter

Hue lights (occasional good sales for bulbs)

Ember mug (the best standard price for the 14oz mug in grey)

Jelly bellies (not good for you and it’s unclear why anyone would ever need so many, but one of the most incredible candies ever created—Willy Wonka level)

Extra fancy mixed nuts (the salted ones are kinda too salty, so ideally you could mix the unsalted ones with the salted ones, but they’re also ok as-is). A lot of people are low In selenium, which should resolve with a Brazil nut a day.

Pecan halves (for making

a regular thing)

Things to add:


Warm wool socks for layering

Hydro flask items (especially lids)


The Big One throw blanket


Ember smart mug

Spin pins

Hair ties

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