Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush

I'm not certain what the best electric toothbrush is — I think any Sonicare or Oral B one will be great — but I do think everyone should own one and use one.

(if you're not willing/ready to commit, I'd recommend getting one and using it half the time at first)

A few tips:

  1. Get a white one so that the toothpaste drips don't look gross.
  2. I find the Sonicare brushes are too "buzzy" for me — they sort of "tickle" but they are quieter than the Oral Bs.
  3. There are now very high end Oral B models which are also quiet (run via magnets??) but I worry that they might be getting that in part by moving to a more "buzzy" style. Those special new ones also aren't compatible with all the old/regular Oral B brush heads.

These are roughly $40-$50 options:

This pricey one was the highest rated electric toothbrush by Consumer Reports in the fall of 2020 (but they haven't rated the crazy new Oral-B io models).