Advice: Let the Dryer Do Your Dusting

Advice: Let the Dryer Do Your Dusting

Do you hang things up to dry? Maybe you don’t dry your clothes in the summer to save energy, or maybe you’re worried about your t-shirts wearing out more quickly or setting stains or getting bacon collar given the heat from the dryer.

All of that seems reasonable to me, but I recommend putting your rack dried clothes into the dryer on air dry in order to remove as much lint as you can with the filter.

(I wash most things inside out, so they get a tumble like that and then again after they’re right-side-out but before they’re folded and put away.)

I realized my bathroom was collecting dust at a ridiculous pace and identified the culprit as freshly washed clothes getting shaken out and put on every morning since I dry many things on my favorite


I figure almost everything I collect in my dryer’s lint trap is dust I won’t have to wipe from my windowsills or vacuum from my rugs down the line!