Tiny personal heater

Tiny personal heater

It's shockingly soothing to have a tiny heater to warm your hands or feet in front of. And it has such low output that you don't need to worry (as much) about the cost or the danger.


This Lasko 200watt model called "MyHeat" is the one I have (and have gifted half a dozen times at least).

I usually get it in all black, but it does come with different colored face-plates (always with a black body though).

If Amazon doesn't have it in stock, try Home Depot or Best Buy.

I think it might be similar to the relaxing feeling that people get from taking a hot shower—but you can get the benefit without getting wet!

I sometimes hold it in my lap or sit in front of it on the floor, or even use it under the covers to warm up my bed (even though the heater has a low output and typically doesn't get very hot to the touch, be very careful to leave plenty of space surrounding the heater if you try this!)