Bluetooth Speaker (for music and podcasts/audiobooks)

Bluetooth Speaker (for music and podcasts/audiobooks)

Probably worth getting a separate one for each space — waterproof for the kitchen and shower, optimizing for speech clarity where you listen to podcasts and base where you don't :P


Dance parties or podcasts or vibe setting can all go great with cooking.

If you have the budget, I have been really impressed by the Apple Homepod — in particular, the voice clarity is the best I've ever encountered in a speaker (podcasts, audiobooks, calls, etc.)


I also have a UE Roll (discontinued for some tragic unknown reason) which is waterproof, has plenty of battery life, and beautifully straps to a shower curtain rod.

The UE Boom can sit where your shampoo usually sits, and you can technically skip songs by whacking it, but at this point, I think I'd recommend skipping extra features like that and instead finding a way to put an old ipod/iphone in the shower instead.