Tech tips

Tech tips


📷 Screenshot
📄 Screenshot full webpage pdf
🔍 Searching for a word on a website
🎞 Video screen capture “Screen Recording”
🎛 Adding things to the "control center" screen
📷 Quickly access the camera
🎥 "Live" iPhone photos
📷☀️ Adjust exposure and focus
🔍 Searching your photos via subject
🔍 Search text messages
🔋 Charging trouble?
😴 "Downtime" + do-not-disturb + App Limits
⏰ The best alarm clock sound is only available via the sleep/wake up feature
♿️ Explore the “Accessibility” menus to e.g. make your screen (even) darker at night
✈️ Track someone's flight in real-time

Apple Desktop/Laptop

📷 Screenshots
📂 Space bar to preview files (photos, PDFs, docs)
🧮 Command space to use calculator and search
➡️ Navigating between applications or windows:
🖼 View options
😴 [edit: there's now a dedicated dnd in the new OS] Option click on the "notifications" icon in top right corner to silence notifications until midnight
🖋 Preview + annotations for adding signatures without a printer
📊 GrandPerspective for a visual on the files taking up space on your hard drive
🎛 Activity Monitor for identifying what's sucking up your system memory/overworking your CPU
🙂 control+command+space for a menu of emojis
🔍 Searching your photos via subject


Using your phone as a scanner via an app (notably better than just taking a picture with your phone)
Depositing checks via a banking app
Dealing with Google images
BackBlaze and/or Dropbox as a digital backup
Gmail will let you schedule your email so that it sends at e.g. 8:06am Monday morning
Your Gmail address isn’t affected by periods (and this can be useful)
Command+k to insert a hyperlink


Chrome tab pause extension "The Great Discarder"
Save (and open) a set of tabs at once as bookmarks
Full webpage capture extension "GoFullPage"
Generate a hyperlink to any text on a website
Going to the version of a tab you already have open


If you only secure one thing, secure your email
When needing to charge your phone in a public place, charge your battery/power bank with the USB port instead