Brené Brown

Brené Brown


I think this is the place to start:

(I access these via Hoopla on my phone with my library card—completely free and never a waitlist)

The Power of Vulnerability (6h 31m) 2012
Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice (3h 20m) 2017
Men, Women, & Worthiness (2h 14m) 2012
The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting (2h 6m) 2013



2010 "The Power of Vulnerability"

2012 "Listening to Shame"

2019 Trailer for "The Call to Courage" on Netflix

Big list of videos:


She has two podcasts:

Note: she has a remarkable set of guests on both podcasts (now exclusively airing new episodes on Spotify) and this can be a good introduction to their work, but if you’re primarily trying to get value from Brené and her research, I recommend listening to podcast episodes where she’s solo rather than interviewing someone else.

Update: someone agreed with me and Spotify now has a playlist of her favorite solo episodes.

(She’s also not what I would call “hard-hitting” in her interviews, so while she’s clearly done her homework, be prepared for some cringe-worthy adulation and missed opportunities to have experts answer difficult questions.)