Global Priorities

Global Priorities


These are example things that smart capable people have figured out that we should be trying to do. I haven’t vetted them all personally, but I like that people are trying to put together things like this.

Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

GiveWell Charity Evaluator

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This is a different category: more like a list of what we should be appreciating, so maybe it goes on the

page, but it’s here for now:

This is also maybe more a

item: the Pope sets an annual agenda of things all Catholics should pray for each month. I find this fascinating — seems like a cool group intention setting thing and it's also an interesting way to get a sense of this particular Pope (assuming he gets to set the agenda). I first discovered this when the Nov 2020 universal prayer intention was "We pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind."