Thermal dispenser "Airpot"

Thermal dispenser "Airpot"

I used to get these from Costco Business for pretty cheap — my model was the 2.2L Crestware (stainless steel exterior, glass interior) and it worked perfectly for a whole 1.89L of TJ's spiced cider or two bottles of mulled wine.

These are a god-send at events. Make hot cider and mulled wine in advance on the stove and serve them in thermal carafes on a beverage table.

Keeps people out of the kitchen, no need to use messy ladles, or keep a burner on low, or struggle to get the last inch out of the pot.

This is also great if you're hosting an event without access to a kitchen, or without access to a stove. If you're serving a crowd, I also recommend putting a backup supply of cider or mulled wine in an Instant Pot on "warm" with the lid on, which is actually a pretty great temperature for then refilling your airpot.

(This is also good for working in an office—first person makes a pot of coffee and then pours it in here for people to drink until it runs out and then you literally rinse and repeat. Prevents cold coffee and burnt coffee.)