This is a great party game (you can play it with the anti-social crowd in the kitchen or whatever), or even a fun thing to do as a breather between meetings. No one needs to know the rules in advance, everyone is just as involved as everyone else in coordinating as a Space Team! (You just need a smartphone.)

I haven't tried playing it remotely during quarantine, but it sounds like there's a way to do it:

>“Spaceteam” has been integrated with the relatively new app Bunch, which aims to more seamlessly provide voice or video chat with mobile games to easily play online. While Bunch wants to connect players with their favorite platforms, be it “Fortnite” or “Roblox,” it works best with titles that are directly integrated with the app, for which “Spaceteam” is one. On Apple’s iOS platforms, Bunch allows for relatively smooth synchronization with the game. You can even launch Bunch via the Spaceteam app and be close to playing.