Juice Spritzers

Juice Spritzers

For the last few years, it seems like people in the US have become obsessed with fizzy water. And they’re all pretty interested in finding the best flavors and brands.

More recently, a few fizzy water makers have started using real fruit juice instead of fruit “essence” (which I never really figured out).

If you’re not counting calories (or if you’re trying to accumulate them, like I am), choosing any random type of fizzy water* and adding maybe a half inch of juice at the bottom of your glass (I use the fresh-squeezed tangerine juice at TJ’s) is *so* tasty and refreshing.

*(or make your own, if you have a reliable source of CO2 canisters)

I have a spritzer every afternoon with my snack and it ensures that I get at least one big glass of water in the middle of the day.

(I feel like the

is pretty much just the alcoholic version of this, though I’ve heard that wine spritzers are supposed to be made with soda, e.g. 7up)